Culture and landscape, the 2021 edition of the Festival dei Sensi (26, 27, 28, 29 August, various locations in Valle d’Itria) is all about that. Hands are at the centre of this new edition: symbols of action, contact, humanity. From the pianist’s touch to cybersecurity, from paintings to slaps, from philosophy to handbags, passing through smartphones and science and architecture.

On 24th August, Paragon hosts a special night as the preview of the Festival dei Sensi with the opening of the exhibition “Puglia, paradiso perduto” (Puglia, lost paradise), an extraordinary collection of images from the Italian Touring Club Historical Archive, staged in our immersive internal garden courtyard. Open to the public, the path of images winds harmoniously in the open-air space, opening windows on an unusual Puglia, little known today. Until Sunday 19 September.

To complement the evening of the 24th, a docufilm on an absolute protagonist of Italian singer-songwriter musicwill be screened: a confidential conversation with Domenico Modugno, born in Apulia.

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